Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Night

You can see through the night. If you paid attention. If you don’t fear the unknown. If you have faith in your sanity. Staring into the night you can see eyes who stares back, you can hear whispers in tongues you understand but never learned, you can see shapes and movements and you can feel the breeze caressing your trembling body. It’s for the brave, the night, not for the weak of spirit. Senses go high leaving paths of fire in your blood. The reality is too much for the untrained eye and we close them too many times trying to understand what we glimpsed in the shadows. I have not much more to talk about. You need to be a night’s creature, like me, to understand and see, but if you feel your breath speeding while I talk so low and calmly, than, give me your hand and I will teach you how to walk in the dark.

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Bonnie said...

Hi Andrea
Your English is pretty good! The only thing is where it says, "Staring the night..." there I would change it to say, "Staring into the night you can see eyes which stare back at you."