Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Every now and then the world changes. Sometimes it is imperceptible, too subtle and we think it’s just a wind, but a wind that blown continually can bend trees and destroy roofs. I feel a wind, but I don’t know if it will tear us apart or herd us together. I hope for the best. I hope for the last. I don’t have much fate in mankind, but maybe, just maybe, this time we will do the right thing. The wind blown and the sky send us alarming messages. Are we doing our last ride in this planet? Are we finally made the earth so mad with our poor job at keeping it alive that we will be history before our time? I don’t know… I just feel the wind and wonder.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Look over your shoulder before opening your door; you never know what will be lurking in the shadows waiting to steal your soul, your dreams, your life. In the shadows live the doubts and the thoughts that in day light we dismiss with a smile. In the shadows are our repressed desires waiting to collect the fee for stupid decision and lack of courage. It’s not monsters what you need to be afraid of, you need to run from thoughts never spoken, love never delivered, kind acts never put in action. The shadows are full of parts of you denied to live and they are hungry. So look over your shoulder before entering your home and shed a tear to placate the gods, maybe they shine a light and turn the shadows in nothing more than past.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Every time I open my eyes it is there. Waiting me. Somehow staring at me. Making me wonder why I give it so much power. Way before the time it seems to mock me, to tease me, leaving me tired of this everlasting game. Every time, every day. My days begin and end with its orders, taking it with grudgingly respect. It knows when and I know what and it is difficult to argue with the power of this union, but nevertheless I am resentful of its power over me. I look again and it says is late, but I turn my back to it. It can click the minutes, ring the hours, sound the alarm, I don’t care.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What to do

What would YOU do if it was with you? Sometimes it's the one question we need to ask. It is always easy to judge others, a lot easier than judge yourself. We can find very hard to decide a matter when our lives depend on this very particular decision. It’s easy to give advices, we compromise nothing telling others how easy it is to walk some way or another, if our advice, if followed, have a ill end, it’s not our lives, it’s not our problem. Oh, how easy it is to tell others what to do, how nice to feel certain about solutions for big and small problems. Oh, how easy it is when it is not with us. And that is why I always ask myself “What would I do if it was with me?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let me walk away

Give me a kiss and say good bye.
Don’t fight over what is done.
Don’t change your words for I will not believe.
Give me your blessing and let me fly.
Don’t try to make soft what was hard
Don’t promise more since you never before kept your word
Give me a moment and we will stay friends
Don’t try to make me feel guilt
Don’t soft problems that are bigger than you believe.
Give me peace
Don’t argue
Don’t be sad
In the end, everyone has learned some.
And the new beginning is full of promises.
For me anyway.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Couting Down

I find difficult to believe in eternal love. We are not animals predestinated to be faithful and to be happy for a long time when the routine settles down. What I believe is that love is out there and you can feel it in various degrees, with a lot of people and sometimes, just sometimes, someone strikes the right string in your heart and the best times last longer. For this reason I don’t believe in suffering too much for love. No one died because of love or the lack of it, people die of stupidity though. We suffer enough; just enough for us to give that love its place in our history, the rest, the huge cries of pain and oceans of grieve are a theatrical show. We know everything is fated to be in the past. This minute is already in the past and this second didn’t last longer. What you need to count, to measure the love in your life is the moments when you said that word really meaning it. And doesn’t count when you say it to popcorn or George Clooney.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The game

Sometimes all it takes is some effort. Sometimes not. You can do your better and even so things went down, down, down. All you can do is try, not all depends on your actions, unfortunately, the ones around you need to be in the same line, wanting the same things, agreeing with the same issues, and that is not easy, my friend. Living is hard and complicate and no one told you that when you sign in for this life. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose and sometimes you just quit the game and choose other players that can play the same way you do.