Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Door

The door is slightly open. All I can see is a string of light making a line in the floor toward me. The noise is disturbing and while I step forward, I give two steps back. The noise woke me. The insistence of it bothers me. The light escaping through the crack in the door disturbed me. I am all alone. It’s the way I like it, but not with the noises from hell and the strange lights. The night started well: good pasta with garlic and olive oil and a large cappuccino, a movie without pretensions and 3 chapters of a wonderful book while nibbling a chocolate bar. All these wonderful little things prepare me for a good night’s sleep in a fresh comfortable bed. The noise… it awakened me in the middle of a pleasant dream where no door was disturbing. I got out of bed, feeling the floor boards still warm from the hot sun that had soaked it during the day and started my search. My mind was clear, my heart was in peace, but not for long. The door was ajar, when I know I had left it fully opened. And the light… Light where shadows dance like in a diabolic ballet. My heart is racing and I want to run, but something hits the door, the light vanishes and reapers in seconds. I hit the floor hard, losing my feet with the shock. The door is half open after banging the panel and the shadows are now alive with colors. I curse aloud. Yes, they are devils, but my own devils. The fluffy things are what are making the noise, closing the door and turning the lights on. I want to scream but I can only laugh. They are my joy, my dogs, but sometimes I think they make a poor use of their brains. The best thing now is to make some popcorn and watch a horror movie. To match the mood.

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