Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Leap of Fatih

Sometimes all you can do is jump. You can make it gracefully, like a bird leaping from a cliff, or you can stumble uncertain and scream until you hit the bottom. The difference between them is the way you feel about the experience.

In my life I had to jump sometimes. It’s necessary to change or to discover trues that can only be seen if you leave behind all the sense of security, certainty and comfort. It’s hard and sometimes a complete disaster. Some leaps of faith end in a puddle of tears and regrets, but… what if? The hard true is that you will never know unless you jump.

Life is never easy to live. I know no one that has not know sadness and despair, even the ones that we think about as privileged. For all of us, times come that ask for a bold move. That moment where you look at the abyss and the abyss looks right back at you, whatever that means. And it is in this precise moment that you need to decide if you will go like a brave warrior or a sissy little spoiled and crying baby.

It is always easier talk than do, but with little consideration it is simple to see that if a leap is necessary than it need to be a beautiful one. Close your eyes, but never you soul. Concentrate on the target; think about all the things that brought you to this moment. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. What is important is that you know, really know, why you will take the leap and what your faith is. Open your mind and heart and understand that failure, if it comes, is a lesson too, and maybe the exact lesson you are needing to learn in this moment of your life.

In these days, where people are so literal and have so little understanding of figurative talk is better to say this: the leap is just metaphorical. If you thought for even one second that I was suggesting a jump from a cliff than you are absolutely, completely, batshit crazy.