Monday, July 31, 2017

A Fine day

It´s winter. The wind is chilly, but the air is warm in the sun. It´s afternoon and the world is at full speed, but not at this place, not at my window. Here is all peaceful and silent. The occasional noise of cars, children screams and giggles, bark of dogs, voices of men working around, hammers sounding like exclamation points for the tweet of the birds, all of these are part of some symphony that just increase the peace and highlight the silence. It’s a strange king of day, the kind where you know something is almost at reach, but what it is or where it is… is hard to say.
No one knows where that place where all the things will change is. No one knows when the right time for changes will happen. What we can do is pay attention to the signs and hope that something inside will light in warning.
Is it this day? Is it this silence and this peace, that say so loud that nothing is happening, the first step for a better day? Is it?
The sun now is behind the clouds, maybe latter the rain, absent for so many days, will show to freshen the soil and refresh the air. And I love the rain. It is one of the nature most amazing gifts. Those tears the sky wash on us always made me find that place in my mind where all is clear and clean.
This day is the kind of day where you remember long lost loved ones, but just the better days, not the sad ones. It is the day to make plans for things that you don’t believe will happen, but never mind, it doesn’t matter, it is not important anyway the fruition of your dreams. It’s just that kind of day.

It´s winter and it is a fine, fine day. 

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