Monday, July 13, 2009

Couting Down

I find difficult to believe in eternal love. We are not animals predestinated to be faithful and to be happy for a long time when the routine settles down. What I believe is that love is out there and you can feel it in various degrees, with a lot of people and sometimes, just sometimes, someone strikes the right string in your heart and the best times last longer. For this reason I don’t believe in suffering too much for love. No one died because of love or the lack of it, people die of stupidity though. We suffer enough; just enough for us to give that love its place in our history, the rest, the huge cries of pain and oceans of grieve are a theatrical show. We know everything is fated to be in the past. This minute is already in the past and this second didn’t last longer. What you need to count, to measure the love in your life is the moments when you said that word really meaning it. And doesn’t count when you say it to popcorn or George Clooney.

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