Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lady Sea

From the cliff all you can see is the sea, immense, inscrutable, and dangerous, but she loves it anyway. She lives in the house on top of the cliff where no one never come, no one never want to be. There the wind is cold and the rain is colder. No one but her can love that place. There she sees the ships coming and going, facing the reefs with courage, going to worlds she will never lay eyes upon. Sometimes she thinks her life is pointless but wakes for a sunny day and from her window she sees the sun beams dancing in the waves. She can see, in those days, when shoal of fish pass and sometimes whales make the little coast their house for some days, their tales waving to her from time to time. She lives where no one wants to live, but she is not like anybody else. She is like the sea.

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